"Cada semilla contiene el espíritu del arbol que será después."

Jorge Bucay

"Each seed contains the spirit of the tree, that it will then become."




Josephine's family gave her the spirit for creativity and arts. Her parents are present in the regional art scene, and her granfather - Peter Rückert - was an international jazz trumpeter and cubist painter. Her great-grandfather was a former opera director of the Berlin State Opera. This musical heritage has ingrained in her a visionary and artistic drive.

After successfully completing her academic career in Applied Linguistic, Cultural and Translation Sciences Josephine found her musical path. She formed a duo with the guitarist GIU Sciandrone and currently receives continuous coaching with the international coaching star Artemis Gounaki.

Her family's intercultural background is Josephine's foundation for her singing. English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian give her the stories she longs to tell on stage. This way she can share her personal, diverse identities with the audience.

The vocalist's affinity with the Latin American culture was the originating inspiration for her world music band Entremundos. A single idea rapidly evolved to a major project. Along with poets from Italy - Francesco M. T. Tarantino - and from Brazil - Bruno Kohl - as well as lyrics, arrangements and compositions from Josephine and Carlos Bauer da Silva, a diverse repertoire was created.

The band presented the electrifying Estrella Show at Herrenhof Mußbach in 2015. The show was completely staged and directed by the singer and her band.

As member of the band Zio & Royal Collective Josephine enjoyed performing as part of the backing vocals. Together with Zio, the backing ladies arranged the choir for the modern reggae and dancehall artist. In 2017, the band initiated a successful annual show at the Capitol in Mannheim, Germany.

Together with the regional salsa band Lightshy Josephine interprets songs in the style of the Buena Vista Social Club. She also appears as guest singer for various bands such as the Italian band Senza Limiti and the Rockolas from Castellón in Spain. She also regularely performs as a guest singer with the band Listen2.

Latest project: Together with Entremundos Josephine worked on a studio project in cooperation with The Mindpalace in 2018. They published the outstanding art video for their featured song “I Mostri”, performed by Entremundos’ guitarist GIU. Together with a talented team Josephine organized the video shoot, and was mainly involved in the creation (story writing, requisites, marketing, publishing) and also acted as one of the protagonists. She also gave an interview on the song, the video and it’s background.

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Current project: Josephine currently participates in the production of the music video for the song “Somebody New” by The Mindpalace. Together with the team her main responsibilities are: organisation, story & storyboard, requisites and direction. The video will be published soon.

Josephine Diago sings a strong combination of velvet, erotic and melancholic, [...] within a beautiful, vivacious and soulful vocalized song order.
— Anke Wagner, Rheinpfalz